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Despite 1,000th Chick Being Born in Zion, California Condor Still in Peril

Our Senior Carnivore Advocate, Kim Crumbo, wrote an op-ed for St. George News in Utah about the 1,000th condor chick born in Zion National Park. While the news of this chick is good to be sure, there’s still much work to be done to protect this imperiled species. Learn more about the plight of the condor in this blog post.

In early July 2019, the Southwest Condor Working Group announced a condor chick hatched in Zion National Park, the 1,000th born in the condor recovery program. Good news to be sure, but so far none of the condors in Zion have managed to raise a chick to adulthood. Park officials hope that No. 1,000 will be the first.

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