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Community Comments Guidelines

When commenting on blog posts on our website or on articles we share on social media, please keep these guidelines in mind. Basically, don’t be a jerk, and we’ll get along just fine! We’re looking forward to learning from you and sharing ideas.

We Like These Kinds of Comments

Here are the kinds of comments we think will contribute to productive, constructive conversations:

  1. Keep it civil. Criticize ideas, not people.
  2. No profanity. We have a zero-tolerance policy for profanity.
  3. Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t engage with commenters who seek solely to provoke.
  4. Give us constructive criticism. Spot a typo or factual error? Please let us know!
  5. Keep it tidy. Review community guidelines before commenting. Don’t cross-post multiple times. Don’t post off-topic comments.
  6. If you see something, say something. Please report offensive comments to our moderators, or to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if especially heinous.
  7. English and Spanish only. For the time being, we are only able to support comments in English and Spanish.

We Won’t Tolerate These Kinds of Comments

Here’s what will get your comment deleted. In especially egregious circumstances and in cases of repeat offensive behavior that violates these guidelines, we may block accounts and report them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if they were made on social media.

  1. Personal attacks, name calling, and harassment will not be tolerated.
  2. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed.
  3. Trolling. Comments that clearly seek only to provoke or aggravate will be promptly deleted.
  4. No self-promotion. The comment section isn’t the place to promote your blog, product, or brand. Have an idea we might be interested in? Email or send it through our contact form.
  5. Off-topic comments or comments that make it clear you didn’t read the article.
  6. Threats against the organization, the author, other commenters, or others