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Two red wolves, one in front of the other, stand on a patch of dirt surrounded by greenery.

This Is a Death Sentence for Red Wolves

Writing for Blue Ridge Outdoors, reporter Dan Dewitt chronicles the devastating saga of the wild red wolves, who now face extinction at the hands of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recent red wolf recovery plan. With quotes and camera trap photos of red wolves from Ron Sutherland, the article explains how the agency’s lack of protections deals a death sentence for the endangered animals. Photo: Ron Sutherland

A brownish wolf standing and facing the photographer.

Are NC’s Red Wolves a Real Species?

In an article in the Charlotte Observer, Ron Sutherland discusses red wolves losing protections under the Endangered Species Act following a study of their genetic identity. Dr. Ron Sutherland, quoted in the article, has disproven the myth that red wolves are not genetically unique. Photo: John Froschauer

In this closeup shot, a red wolf stares straight at the camera, his ears alert and snout pointed downward.

Red Wolf Status Grim, Review Says

Smoky Mountain News published a piece on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) 5-year review of the red wolf’s endangered status. They included a quote from our press release detailing our disappointment with the agency’s seeming abandonment of the Red Wolf Recovery Program. Photo: Becky Bartell, USFWS

Man with long gray hair and ponytail sits smiling next to a large black and gray dog with brown eyes and a red flowered collar

Inside Ecology: Where Compassionate Conservation Meets Rewilding: An Interview with Marc Bekoff

Inside Ecology, a science-focused outlet in the UK, republished this exclusive Wildlands Network interview with animal behaviorist Dr. Marc Bekoff. Wildlands Network’s former communications consultant, Paula MacKay, and Dr. Marc Bekoff discuss the ethics of rewilding and the importance of incorporating compassionate conservation. Photo: Tom Gordon