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Several children wearing brightly colored clothes look closely at jars and test tubes

Full Circle

Iowan MJ Hatfield describes herself as “head over heals into the wild diversity of insects and how little we actually know about the community of life in our own backyards.” MJ’s impassioned and lyrical celebration of moths and other wild creatures in Iowa serve as a timeless reminder that “wildness remains around us” wherever we live.

In a clearly old photo and faded photo, one man stands upon a pile of skulls stories high, while another stands in front of the pile on the ground.

Lord Man: A Parable

Through the powerful words and images of his “Lord Man” parable, Tom Butler implores us that humanity must choose between continuing on its destructive path of overpopulation and overconsumption, or rejoining the community of life on Earth. Photo: Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

A view of the entire round Earth from space

Whole Earth: How the Other Half Lives

E.O. Wilson cautions that we must protect at least half of the Earth’s land and water to sustain Nature’s complexity, ecological processes, and diversity of life. Wildlands Network’s Kim Crumbo takes this one step further, arguing that the resilience of life depends on a Whole-Earth approach to conservation. Photo: NASA

A wolf walking away from the camera on a snowy overlook, with trees and mountains in distance.

The Rocky Road to Wolf Recovery

Wolves returned to the North Cascades 10 years ago and continue to reoccupy some of their former range. As their population grows, so do tensions with people who don’t want them back. Paula MacKay asks, are we giving wolves a fair chance? Photo: Western Transportation Institute

Close-up of eye of large spotted cat with mountain background

The Snow Leopard

“The Snow Leopard” chronicles Peter Matthiessen’s journey with renowned wildlife biologist George Schaller into the remote mountains of Nepal. Paula MacKay explores the question: What does it actually mean to SEE a snow leopard? Photo: Snow Leopard Trust