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Bringing Back Historic Wildlife Migration Corridors to the Mountains

Wildlands Network’s Wildlife Scientist, Dr. Liz Hillard, was interviewed by the Asheville Citizen Times about our road ecology work with elk in and around Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Since April 2018, we’ve outfitted 7 elk in the park with GPS collars and are monitoring their movements across major roads. Our goal is to use the data from the GPS collars to provide science-based recommendations to mitigate wildlife-vehicle collisions, making roads safer for wild and human travelers alike.

“We think there’s a lot more [wildlife-vehicle collisions that occur in the area]. I think it’s a very small portion that’s being reported,” Hillard said. “We want to start understand the spatial and temporal patterns of where these mortalities are happening. It will take two to three years of focused research in the region to get true scientific information outside of the anecdotal to hang our hats on.”

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