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Born to Rewild, the Rough Cut

In 2013, wilderness ultra-trekker John Davis traveled 5,000 human-powered miles from Sonora, Mexico to British Columbia through the Western Wildway, a continental wildlife corridor along the western spine of North America, during an epic conservation journey called TrekWest.

Award-winning adventure cinematographer Ed George filmed John’s story of ground-truthing wildlife corridors and the concepts of his mentors—while weaving together the citizen and science-based groups on the front lines of reconnecting and protecting wildlife corridors and animals on the move.

With the rough cut of the hour-long film weeks from completion, Ed shares a look at the opening with music riffs from Raillery (Flagstaff, Arizona duo John Tveten and Tom O’Hara) and Kenyon Fields.

What it is to be Born to Rewild:

4 thoughts on “Born to Rewild, the Rough Cut

  1. As John’s primary facilitator/field support through southern Wyoming and its oft brutal and always beautiful Red Desert I can attest to John’s devotion to conservation, his kind nature and amazing mental and physical stamina.

    Establishing hemispheric proportion wildlife corridors (safe zones) is one of the most important undertakings in this new millennium. My hat is off to Wildlands Network and everyone working to achieve a goal that rivals, if not surpasses, the concept of creating and preserving public lands, in perpetuity, for the good of all now and in the future.

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