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Border Construction Concerns Conservation Groups, Wildlife Experts

KVOA, a local news station in Tucson, Arizona, interviewed our borderlands coordinator, Myles Traphagen, about the Pentagon’s recent transfer of $1 billion to build the border wall in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. If such a wall is built, it will facilitate an ecological disaster, cutting off iconic species who call both the U.S. and Mexico home, like the Sonoran Pronghorn, from food, water, and mates.

“This is nothing short of a crime against nature,”  said Myles Traphagen, the Borderlands Program Coordinator for the Wildlands Network. “A building of a border wall like this disregards basically the entire evolutionary history of the borderlands.”

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2 thoughts on “Border Construction Concerns Conservation Groups, Wildlife Experts

  1. Saw you (Miles Traphagen) on the news on KVOA and thought I could put this out to you bc I don’t have the resources to do it. Remember Hands Across America? I’d love to c someone organize Hands Across the Wall as a protest. Pls feel free total the ball and run w it!

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