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Bill Would Create a Wildlife Corridors System to Protect Species

Eos, an outlet covering Earth and space science news,  covered our telepresser about the introduction of the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019, where Dr. Ron Sutherland, our chief scientist, spoke about the critical importance of wildlife corridors to protecting our nation’s imperiled biodiversity.

At the briefing, Ron Sutherland, chief scientist with the Wildlands Network, a Seattle-based conservation group that supports the legislation, speculated about why concern about biodiversity hasn’t yet caught on as a hotter issue in the same way that climate change has.

“One perspective might be that there was a huge push to protect biodiversity for its own sake in the ‘90s, and I think that that push eventually earned the sort of inevitable fatigue on all the champion for it. Climate change became kind of the new cause, and a lot of young folks have joined into that movement,” Sutherland said.

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