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A red wolf gazes at the camera in this close up shot.

Scientists Say the Government’s New Plan to Manage Red Wolves is ‘Backward’

The Washington Post interviewed Wildlands Network’s Ron Sutherland about USFWS’ explanation for increasing the number of red wolves in captivity. USFWS maintains that their decision is backed by science and the discrepancy between conservation groups and themselves is due to different interpretations of the science. Photo: Becky Bartel, USFWS

A wolf that is walking looks directly at the camera.

The Government was Letting Residents Kill Nearly Extinct Wolves. A Court Said Stop.

Wildlands Network’s Ron Sutherland is featured in The Washington Post’s article about a federal district court in North Carolina’s preliminary injunction barring USFWS from removing red wolves in the state or issuing permits to kill red wolves when they stray onto private property. Photo: Camera trap, Ron Sutherland