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Several children wearing brightly colored clothes look closely at jars and test tubes

Full Circle

Iowan MJ Hatfield describes herself as “head over heals into the wild diversity of insects and how little we actually know about the community of life in our own backyards.” MJ’s impassioned and lyrical celebration of moths and other wild creatures in Iowa serve as a timeless reminder that “wildness remains around us” wherever we live.

In a clearly old photo and faded photo, one man stands upon a pile of skulls stories high, while another stands in front of the pile on the ground.

Lord Man: A Parable

Through the powerful words and images of his “Lord Man” parable, Tom Butler implores us that humanity must choose between continuing on its destructive path of overpopulation and overconsumption, or rejoining the community of life on Earth. Photo: Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

A bear-like animal with light brown and dark brown fur climbs a tree toward a bait bone, with snow on ground.

For the Wild, 10: Celebrating Wildlands’ Legacy of Scientific Inspiration

The year was 1995. I was just wrapping up my first graduate thesis, which focused on coyotes and white-tailed deer in Acadia National Park. Although I cared deeply about animals and the environment, I had begun to wonder how my background in wildlife management could make much of a difference in an unraveling world. Photo: Woodland Park Zoo