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Hundreds of well-dressed people sit in an auditorium.

Celebrating Half-Earth Day and Wildlife Corridors with Dr. E.O. Wilson, Senator Tom Udall, and Congressman Don Beyer

Last week, the world celebrated the first annual Half-Earth Day. In Washington, D.C., the celebration began at National Geographic headquarters, where esteemed scientists and thought-leaders gathered to discuss the Half-Earth vision posited by Dr. E.O. Wilson in his 2016 book, “Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life.” Photo: Peter Hershey

A map of the eastern North America showing Eastern Wildway in yellow.

Celebrating the Vision of the Eastern Wildway

Two years ago, Wildlands Network convened an Eastern Conservation Summit to set a plan to see eastern wildlands reconnected at a continental scale. Using our successful Western Wildway Network as a model, we began to put together a network of conservationists working at all scales along the Wildway. It has grown and evolved since then into our own Eastern Wildway Network.

In this closeup shot, a red wolf stares straight at the camera, his ears alert and snout pointed downward.

Raise Your Voice Now to Protect Endangered Red Wolves

This past fall, America got a little less wild when the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced their decision to significantly reduce the wild red wolf population, which only exists in northeastern North Carolina. On Tuesday, the agency gave notice the start of a 60-day public comment period concerning their ill-advised proposal to pull back hard on the wild population of wolves in North Carolina. Now is our chance to tell the USFWS their plan will almost certainly condemn the species to extinction in the wild. Photo: Becky Bartell, USFWS