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A hand holds a hat detailed with an circular image of a canyon, skies, and water, and the words "Bears Ears."

Canyon Rumbles

Wildways trekker John Davis reflects on his time at RumbleX, Wildlands Network’s annual Conservation in Motion gathering of outdoor athletes. This year, conservation athletes, naturalists, and activists gathered at Bears Ears National Monument to explore and defend its wildness after President Trump illegally shrunk its boundaries. Photo: Courtesy of Kahtoola

A female moose dips her head into blue-green water as her calf nuzzles her neck, knee-deep in the water.

Following Alice the Moose along the A2A Wildway, Part I

Wildlands Network’s wildways trekker, John Davis, and conservation friends from the U.S. and Canada are exploring the Algonquin to Adirondack connection on the ground this month, simultaneously hiking northwest and southeast from their respective countries toward the St. Lawrence River, to celebrate the historic journey of Alice the Moose along this trail and investigating the possibility of an eventual A2A International Scenic Trail. Photo: William C. Gladish

A brown bear raises his snout toward the camera in this close up shot of his face.

YES! Rewilding Is a Good Idea

Rewilding is our best hope for stemming the mass extinction crisis that threatens half the species inhabiting Earth today. Simply stated, rewilding entails restoring wild nature on a grand scale: bringing back key species we have thoughtlessly eradicated, reviving essential ecological processes like pollination and carbon storage, and reconnecting habitats so wildlife can move safely through the landscape. Photo: William C. Gladish

This photo looks over the edge of a valley toward dusky mountains in the background.

Mogollon Meandering: Guns, Cows and Roads

This is the third part in a four-part series about John Davis’ trek around the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. “These are the three big factors that make the Mogollon Plateau dangerous as a wildlife corridor. On the third day of my little scouting trip, this dubious threesome made me glad I had only two legs, else I suspect I’d have been shot.” Photo: U.S. Forest Service, Coconino National Forest

Green trees stand on top of grassy land. Blue sky with wispy white clouds are in the background.

Mogollon Meandering: Scouting Connections from Grand Canyon to Gila

This is the first part in a four-part series about John Davis’ trek around the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. “In TrekWest, we followed the Mogollon Plateau and Rim much of the way between the Gila wildlands complex in southwest New Mexico and the Grand Canyon wildlands complex in northern Arizona. So important is this wildlife corridor that after the trek, Wildlands Network and partners placed it on our list of Top 20 wildlife connections in the Western Wildway.”

A man sits on a rocky ledge that juts out over a small waterfall. Green trees surround the scene in the background.

PaseoWILD 2015: Into Thick Thorns

This is the third installment in a three-part series about the second PaseoWILD expedition in September 2015. “Day 5: Habitat remained safe for a roaming cougar, as we advanced up Shinumo Creek, though prey was not abundantly evident. We saw no clear cougar tracks but a perfect cast of a bobcat track in dried mud enhanced the feline atmosphere, along with the occasional sign of bighorn sheep, rodents, and a ring-tailed “cat” (really, raccoon family) or two.” Photo: Kristen M. Caldon

A man with his back to the camera climbs over a boulder lining a narrow river.

PaseoWILD 2015: Up Shinumo Creek

This is the second installment in a three-part series about the second PaseoWILD expedition in September 2015. “Day 3: As we resumed waiting on the beach, Kristen espied sheep. Through binoculars, we watched four bighorn sheep, a big ram leading three ewes to water then back up into the safety (for these agile beasts!) of steep rocks.” Photo: Kristen M. Caldon

A mountain lion looks straight at the camera in the close up shot of the lion's face.

PaseoWILD 2015: Down to the River

This is the first installment in a three-part series about the second PaseoWILD expedition in September 2015. “Paseo Wild II began safely enough for us but nervously for wildlife. Kahtoola founder Danny Giovale drove carefully, so we were fortunate to see—but not hit—many mule deer, a coyote, bluebirds, jays, and a northern harrier hawk…” Photo: Robin Silver

A person runs into a brown banner held by two people in the rain.

TrekWest Blog 44: Thanks for a Successful Western Wildway Community Effort

We made it, friends! We traversed the Western Wildway: 5,000 miles with no major mishap or injury. If we can get a middle-aged, technologically challenged hiker with an ungodly appetite safely from Mexico to Canada, missing no public events and losing only 15 pounds, we can get a lineage of Gray Wolves or Grizzly Bears or Cougars the same distance. Photo: Karsten Heuer