What We Do

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Saving What We Love for Those We Love

Creating landscapes that sustain life 

We are currently experiencing a loss of species so great that we are now seeing the Sixth Great Extinction.  Contributing factors such as: climate change, human population growth, resource extraction, new recreation technologies, habitat fragmentation and loss, invasive species and new diseases are not slowing down.  We do not want nature to collapse on our watch.

Highly interactive species (species whose presence maintains the balance of other plant and animal species habitat they share) keep our environment healthy, and for us to ultimately survive, so must they.  Sadly, we are running out of room for nature. Not even our biggest parks are large enough to sustain wildlife for the long run.  But we see hope in creating enough Room to Roam© through connectivity:  connecting and protecting enough land throughout North America. 

Our science-based solution is the creation of four Continental Wildways, large protected corridors of land running coast to coast, and north to south throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico — providing enough Room to Roam© to protect wildlife and people for the long-term. Our current areas of focus are the Western and Eastern Wildways. Learn more about our Wildways.

Finding new ways to connect landscapes every day

To create Wildways, protected wild places like our parks and nature preserves must be connected with new healthy habitat. Two Wildlands Network restoration strategies are critical: 1) reintroducing species (keystone species) that have a significant impact on maintaining a natural ecological balance, and 2) reducing fragmentation of landscapes. Wildlife overpasses and underpasses, wolf-friendly ranching practices and passionate restoration of private lands by owners are examples of these strategies in action. Learn more about wildlife bridges.

Working smarter, faster, together

Conservation groups have accomplished huge successes to help create the Continental Wildways; however, much more needs to be done to connect these efforts so they stand the test of time. Wildlands Network’s critical role now includes the strategic and scientific support of networks of people protecting networks of land along the Wildways. Learn more about our Network.

To learn more about our role in mitigating climate change, scientific mapping, highly interactive species and more, click here.